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Franca Lane - Psicotherapist  

I am Franca Lane and as your psychotherapist my aim is always to support YOU, so that you can HEAL, CHANGE, THRIVE and MOVE ON

I offer a unique combination of professional qualifications and experience. I am often described as a warm, compassionate and profoundly effective as a change facilitator.

The fusion therapy I practise is born out of integrating my many years of working with individuals and its results plus the use of  systemic therapy and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy). I often use hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to help others. I work from a person-centred perspective and intuitively combine mind-body techniques to help you sort out deep issues in an integrated manner. I teach you the tools in order to empower you, so that you can eventually be your own therapist and guide.

I have been practising mindfulness since 1991, with its becoming integral in my life and work. I have also worked for many years in mental health; for the NHS (UK) since 1999, as well as for several mental health charities, both as a clinician and as a clinical supervisor

I bring together skills and experience, together with kindness and compassion, to my psychotherapy sessions, so that I can help you thrive and move on with gained wisdom and self-confidence.

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Let me help you build a more positive and happier life together with a healthy mind and body! I will guide you intuitively, skilfully and gently, so that you can experiment for yourself - as many others have already - profound and effective changes.


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